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  • 링크드 인 사회 아이콘
CEO & President

He is the managing partner of Smith SPORTSWA Equity Partners and oversees all aspects of the investment strategy.

Smith currently serves on the board of directors of SPORTSWA GROUP, INC., Co-president of SPORTSWA MAC, INC. And chairman of SPORTSWA's board of directors.

Prior to founding SEP, Smith joined SPORTSWA Marketing Center, Varazo, Inc. in Silicon Valley. I have a branch office.

Smith (USSA) sports medicine at the American Physical Education Academy and served as coach of the IAFA WORLD CUP Korean American Football Team Strength in 2015. Currently serving as president of Daegu Gyeongbuk Flags Football, Korea.

  • 링크드 인 사회 아이콘
Kyu C. LEE
Adviser (Marketing)

Lee is an advisory partner of SPORTSWA Equity Partners and operates all aspects of the investment Marketing strategy.

Lee is currently serving as SPORTSWA GROUP, INC. Adviser, and SPORTSWA in Korea.

Lee founded KINO33 Entertainment in Korea before establishing SEP, planning and marketing Gangnam-style global project.

2001 ~ 2011
Sony Pictures Korea Supervisor

Head of Marketing, Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures Director of Film Distribution

Vice President of Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures MarketingDepartment

Lee studied business administration at the University of Washington and was advisor to the IAFA WORLD CUP Korean football team in 2015,

Reinald JANG 
CRO (Value Risk Management)

Jang is an Risk Management Partner of SPORTSWA Equity Partners and SPORTSWA in Korea.

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