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Our goal is to create profits by investing in ventures that shape the future of the medical, bio, medical, sports, medical, biotechnology, entertainment film, drama and theme park industries.

We build ongoing partnerships with talented entrepreneurs and executives and provide a broad global network for capital, industry expertise and successful relationships.


We have over 20 years of expertise in exploring and leveraging rapidly changing market conditions in the US, Asia and Korea.

Investment Marketing Plan

We partnered with many executives in business and industry to understand the risks and opportunities inherent in executives. 

Industrial operation expertise

One of our most valuable resources is our highly experienced operational partner and senior advisory team. As experts in their respective fields, they still operate an analytical consulting team in their field, invest in early start-ups and follow up on investment.

Private-equity funds network service

SEP is seeking a mature company with superior products or services that typically require a small contribution in terms of management processes, skills and knowledge in order to align strategic partnerships with private equity firms and maintain the restructuring period.

 In general, we invest in other competitors to drive higher levels of growth to increase value and generate more than average revenue.

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